If you want to give your sporty friend the best training equipment, this list is for you.

If these days you have a close friend, a family member or simply want to reward yourself for the achievements you've made so far this year, the best option is to give a gift that will become a must-have accessory when it's time to work out. 

Now what do you give someone who craves that daily dose of post-workout endorphins? The answer is obvious, more training gear! It doesn't matter if it's a high performance athlete, a novice who is just experiencing the power of sport or just someone who needs to revamp their look; for a sports lover t-shirts, shorts and specialised sports equipment are the ideal gift.   

So cross off the names of your friends you've been meaning to send a gift to and it's been seven months since last Christmas. Give that fitness lover a basic t-shirt or sports shorts to help them finish the year strong.  Choosing a gift is easier than ever thanks to our collection for fitness lovers which you can find here. If only gift-giving was made for sport...   

Krono Base Layer 

This is the perfect gift for that person who loves going to the gym and is always looking for the best performance and the fastest recovery to continue training. The Krono Base Layer will help you finish the set to the end and will become your friend's favourite for going to the gym.

Krono Tank

Nothing like a tank top that allows you freedom of movement, for the more adventurous it's this tank top that will look the best and allow you to let the air out of your biceps. Its neutral colours give it a touch of sophistication and unique style making the gym a place where you can also look edgy and attractive.

In fact, this gift is probably already on every fitness fanatic's wish list. There are many colours to choose from, but this black and white version can be combined with any outfit.

Essential K T-shirt

Every athlete needs a good t-shirt, so you've already got the perfect gift. This minimalist short-sleeved T-shirt is made of a breathable fabric that prevents odours and will always give you extra security. It's also very lightweight and can be layered under a sweatshirt or jacket during the colder months.

Krono is committed to exclusive design and to the goal of always looking good without a lot of effort. Discover the entire collection at