At this time of year, it is normal for gym memberships to plummet. After the summer and the holiday season, we can say that few people are still in the habit of going to the gym and continuing the training routine, but now, after seeing the effects of diet loss it is normal for everyone to want to go back to the gym.

At first, it can be overwhelming to think about going back to the gym and knowing that our stamina and fitness may have been affected. However, with the right strategy and progressive exercises it is possible to regain our condition safely.

Easy! Let's take it one step at a time

Losing some strength and muscle mass is normal after a period of rest, but the body hardly forgets what it is capable of even if for a few weeks or months training has been on pause. Muscle memory allows us to remember the skills we once possessed, just as we remember how to ride a bicycle. So, we will reach a point where we will gradually return to the routines we used to do in the gym.

This doesn't mean that from day one we can match the weight we lifted before we said goodbye to the gym, but it does show that with an effective and consistent plan we can regain the same level of strength in a short time. The important thing is to recognise where we are at the moment without overloading our muscles and, from there, set ourselves an achievable goal to get back to the same level.

Regaining technique

Technique ensures that we work our muscles correctly, it is easy to forget some correct movements after a while or perhaps due to loss of strength we find it easier to perform them incorrectly. That's why we should review some movements and start as beginners to ensure a solid foundation of routines that work our body properly.

Ideally, we should start with cardiovascular exercises that involve the whole body, to avoid stressing only one area. In this way, we can get our body used to the exercise routines until we can focus on a single region of the body.


Making the commitment 

After this new reality, in which many gyms were closed for a long time, some people have adapted to training from home. The important thing is to maintain the willingness to train from the gym, at home or in a park; to be willing to set a specific time for each workout and to respect this appointment with ourselves. Discipline is vital to get results.


Get kitted out

Having the right sports clothing and equipment allows us to achieve faster and more visible results. Krono Polo has a customised line of sportswear ideal for training at home or in the gym, contemporary and youthful design are its two flagships to make it easy to identify with its products.

Krono has launched a line of sportswear that promises to become a great ally, since it improves the wearer's performance as well as becoming a great reference of sophisticated and unique design. In this sense, it is essential that the garments are breathable and tight-fitting to ensure optimal performance, in addition to the fact that sportswear that makes us look good improves self-esteem and motivates us to want to continue training. This is why Krono has used the best technology in the fabrics of this collection and at the same time has thought of an avant-garde and sophisticated design.


Going back to the gym can be fun and encouraging, but in many cases it can be difficult to get back into the habit of training regularly. It is essential to be motivated, but realistically we need to make up for lost time while giving the body space to regain technique and fitness. A great support is the equipment we use when we go to the gym, Krono offers us quality items to resume the process of returning to training.

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