Have you heard of men's sports underwear before? That's right, underwear has evolved at breakneck speed over the last few years. So much so that, nowadays, doing your routine at the gym or going for a run in your old briefs or your favourite worn-out boxer shorts is no longer a good option. Innovation in materials has made it possible to create garments with specific purposes that end up favouring those who wear them at different times. On the other hand, we must add the explosion of design together with functionality and experience in comfort that have made men's sports underwear live a real revolution.


Imagine a boxer that feels like a second skin, imperceptible and very comfortable. To create this boxer, we at Krono have used a lightweight stretch fabric which is perfect for moving effortlessly according to your movements, which is why we decided to introduce the term "second skin" to this garment. At Krono we aim to make sports underwear a must-have for all men, so we wanted to take the experience of doing sports to another level and make you feel confident at all times; it was unthinkable not to design underwear for men, taking into account that it is a sensitive area and in which they are always looking to feel safe.

Whether you're an outdoor sports enthusiast or a gym enthusiast, we recommend you try any Krono Underwear model: you won't regret it.


The science of Krono underwear lies in the fabrics, which are made of a material that allows a classic and sober design for men who like to look sophisticated, but keep as much sobriety as possible. In addition, the neutral colours become an indispensable part of the design of this garment, which, despite being designed to cover up to mid-thigh, it is the cotton and elastane fabric that provide the necessary elongation to perform all kinds of movements, allowing them to be extremely soft and delicate with the intimate parts of the man.

If you are a person who likes to look good from the inside - and with this we refer not only to your being but also to your underwear - you should discover Krono clothes and put them to the test when you do sport or on a day when you have to walk to the office, you will see that they are all-proof clothes.

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