Krono is a brand that has its origins in polo, a sport of adrenaline, skill and, above all, of an overflowing passion for those who play it, but also for their families, for the fans and in general for those who love not only the sport but also the horses.

It was unthinkable to create a polo brand that did not bring together the vital values of this sport, such as the passion we mentioned earlier, as well as exclusivity and distinction in design, because in order to cater to a demanding public it is necessary to always offer the best.

Since its beginnings, Krono Polo talked about being a global brand, promised us an unmistakable design and great technology in its garments; it showed us the interest in reaching other disciplines and that is how little by little the brand began to position itself in the world of polo. Today, two years later, there is no match or tournament of great importance where their products are not used. A fast positioning, difficult to believe for many, but which demonstrates the talent of its founder, fashion designer Camila Mejía Posada.

Today the brand announces its incursion into the sportswear market for gym and work out, adding to its existing business in polo, accessories and leather goods, which are available on its different websites in different languages: and and now, is available to purchase training products.

This sportswear seeks to provide an experience that fills the wearer with safety and comfort, seeking not only to meet the need of having clothes for the gym but also, its design is so well thought out that it could be used in different spaces achieving an original and unique sporty style. This has been the challenge that Camila decided to face in the design of her garments, based on contemporary and sophisticated design, in a palette of neutral colours that expands the range of possibilities of use and does not limit it to a space or a specific moment. Today we can say that Camila Mejia has achieved her goal with the new collection of sportswear and also promises a line of cutting-edge technology that will ultimately end up benefiting those who choose to use Krono.

Discover this new collection of gym wear by clicking here and find out why Krono continues to be an unstoppable brand.