As a brand, we have managed to get to this point of venturing into launching our gym wear collection because great players have relied on our specialised polo, golf and tennis clothing. So it's important to us at Krono to be at the forefront of innovation and produce the best premium sportswear on the market.

Our motto #JoinTheGame means that we constantly seek to improve not only our quality, but also incorporate world-leading engineering to ensure that those who wear our sportswear can focus on enjoying themselves and put aside the worries that can come with an uncomfortable garment, an unsafe helmet or a design that doesn't represent you. Krono collaborates with sports science experts to source high-performance fabrics for our garments, looking to test their strength and push them to their limits.

Whether you're a daily trainer at the gym, a jogger in the park, or a competitor on the world stage, the clothes you wear can make a difference to your performance. That's why you need fabrics and features suitable for extreme movements and conditions that won't wear you down unnecessarily but instead help revitalise your energy so you can perform to your full potential.

Krono fabrics:

Polyamide, a polymer with repeating units linked by amide bonds, found in natural proteins such as wool and silk, is a common feature in our garments. It provides great elasticity, heat retention and also has a great capacity to absorb moisture, which favours the elimination of odour-causing bacteria.

Polyurethane is a polymer composed of organic units linked by carbamate (urethane) bonds. In short, it acts as a cushioning material due to its great flexibility, which makes our garments more durable, comfortable and supportive.

Supima cotton, a superior form of cotton which originally comes from Peru, this type of fabric has premium properties such as strength, softness and colour retention. The finer weave also makes this material ultra-lightweight and breathable, as seen in our Krono coverall.

Polyester, which you may have already heard of, is one of the strongest fabrics in clothing and therefore one of the most widely used fabrics on the market. At Krono we use it for its strength and ability to withstand a great deal of pressure and wear and tear. The high quality polyester - which is our favourite - ensures that the shape of the garment is maintained and does not shrink, used in a variety of products such as our Krono Base layer, which does not lose its shape and fit to the body.

Making quality sportswear is not only about design but also about technology and quality, we take on the challenge of being your partner in what we know is a passion for you; so if it's important to you, it's also important to us when it comes to your sporting or healthy lifestyle.

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