Have you ever heard of sports engineering? You may think that this is about how to create weights that work our body properly or the components of F1 cars; however, we want to tell you that sports engineering is just that, but also many other things. For example, the creation of fabrics that better adapt to the body, socks that correctly compress our calves to avoid pain, among other things.

Being at the forefront of science can be key to getting the most out of your training and nutrition, but this does not mean that you have to go training in aerospace suits, on the contrary, sportswear aims to help you achieve your goals in a comfortable and enjoyable way.

Sportswear is becoming more and more fashionable, both for the gym and for everyday wear, with professional athletes and influencers endorsing and using the best brands for every activity. Every day we see sports style moving to other occasions of use and is no longer just limited to training venues.

However, for better or worse many of these 'sportswear' brands are designed to look good and enhance the features of the appearance, rather than being designed for the physical activity itself. This is because sportswear flatters the way many bodies look, but on the other hand, this focus on appearance means that they are not suitable for high intensity activities such as tennis, running or gym workouts.

In many cases people underestimate the importance of technical sportswear for performance and recovery, placing greater importance on the aesthetics and design of the clothing. It is important to clarify that drastic movement patterns, weather changes and physical instability pose a risk of injury and poor performance. In contrast, the right sportswear can improve performance, help prevent injury and facilitate the recovery process to continue training consistently.

By using sportswear designed specifically for your sport, you can increase your overall performance by supporting the right muscle groups during training and offering protection in the areas that need it most. The best thing is that you can have these benefits without sacrificing the aesthetic component, as at Krono we consider the way the garments fit and the way they are designed to be important, and this is one of our fundamental pillars.

Fortunately, the technical level of sportswear is improving and at Krono we are committed to creating sportswear that can be used both by professionals and leading fitness enthusiasts for their advanced capabilities, as well as by people who like to do sports in their day-to-day amateur lives.

At Krono we are looking to continue building the path towards a future of sportswear that truly fits people, with designs made to support your muscles and help you train to the max, no matter your level of experience.

Our philosophy has always been to differentiate ourselves from the first moment people see our products on the street, on our social media or wearing our garments with a training partner, but with the backing of science and the approval of great athletes.

Discover Krono and experience sport in a different way.