If your goal is to have a body where all the muscles are worked, it is important to perform exercises that involve the entire lower and upper body, as well as the extremities. The trunk must be firm and stable to allow a good technique; in addition, having flexibility helps resistance, favors stability and functionality of the body.

Summer is a time that allows you to train hard in the gym, but it also makes it easier to train outside, either running in the park near your neighborhood or in the games that children normally use but that we usually give them another use, such as exercising our back doing push-ups with our own weight.

Elastic and lightweight T-shirts, breathable and temperature-regulating lycra, versatile and multipurpose shorts, all inspired and designed not only for the most addicted to the gym but also for anyone who wants to practice any sport. In this line Krono has been inspired by the subtlety and elegance of black to create a sober collection, in addition to white and blue which always expand the possibility of combinations between garments and work perfectly outside the gym. Krono's sportswear line features quick-drying technology, a flexible and durable fabric and a lightweight feel on the body.

Nowadays, sportswear does not end up being that which you throw away after a number of times you used it to go out on a Friday night and ends up being recycled for our gym sessions -fortunately this has been left in the past- nowadays sportswear is created with materials and designs that favor muscle recovery, the proliferation of bacteria and the feeling of comfort that turns into greater resistance to physical wear and tear. This is why Krono has relied on new technologies to make its articles garments that favor the realization of sport in every sense of the word.

A short time ago we talked about the promise Krono made by having a business vision to expand its sportswear line to more items for both men and women. Today Krono can say that it has fulfilled its goal while maintaining its premise of being a functional and versatile sports fashion brand, but above all exclusive and genuine. Krono aims to revolutionize the sports market, so that every time you go to train you feel safe and confident, thanks to items with which you could not only go to the gym, but also go out on the street by simply mixing your outfit with other key garments, getting to have a total look effortlessly.

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